“I want to update my website!”

“I’ve been advised my website is unsafe!”

“I’ve got to get my webmaster to do that, but it’s going to cost me…”

“Oh S#!T, I just hosed my website!”

If you talk to enough small business owners, or friends that want to have a website but don’t spend evenings and weekends tinkering around on the web, you’ll hear frustrations like this a lot.

And that’s from the ones who have figured out how to get a website up and running in the first place. There are many who are still trying to figure out where to start. But thankfully, there is hope!

WordPress to the Rescue

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools available. But what many people don’t know is that it is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that can be used for more than just blogging. With WordPress you can build a blog, a website, or both.

Business owners have learned that WordPress websites are easy to maintain, adored by the search engines and present their businesses in a professional design.

In the last four years I’ve seen WordPress take over as the most desired platform for building and managing great websites. The problem is that anytime you become #1 you attract the eyes of spammers, hackers and greedy black-hat marketers. Now that WordPress dominates the internet as a website platform, it requires a little more monitoring and maintaining.

Many Website Owners Don’t Monitor Their Sites – What’s Managed Hosting?

In the old days people just paid a fortune or hacked-out their own HTML website and threw it up on the net and ignored it for years. There site was just an electronic business card and was unlikely to really grow their business.

Now days the website is often the customer’s first contact with or first step in their research of your company. We all know that it’s very important that your clients and potential clients need to be able to find your website.

Google Hates Dormant & Unstable Sites

Even if you attain first page ranking in the search results, you can be slapped out of existence if your site is not up-to-date and becomes infected with malware. Your site can also be attacked by a bruteforce attack which will kill access and potentially stop your emails.

When maintained properly this risk is greatly reduced. If you don’t want to be the person or pay one of your employees to keep your sites structure current and monitored, consider a WPSanity managed hosting upgrade to your hosting.

Standard Hosting (DIY)
Included With Plan
Complete cPanel Hosting
Email Hosting
Phone Support
Support Ticket System
TLC Managed WordPress Add-on
$8.25/Mo. Paid Yearly $99
Complete cPanel Hosting
Email Hosting
Phone Support
Support Ticket System
Real-time Security Network
Scan Core, Theme and Plugin Files
Repair Files
Scan content for bad URLs
Real-time traffic shows hackers
Real-time view of crawlers
Scan for known malware
Scan for hundreds of backdoors
Includes a complete firewall
Rate limit rogue crawlers
Block IP's & manage blocks
Intelligently block networks
Block fake Googlebots
Block brute-force attacks
View top content leeches
Monitor disk space
Enforce strong passwords
Check existing passwords
Scan for DNS changes
Get detailed IP info
Track IP's to their source
WordPress Updates
Theme Updates
Update Plugins
And "MUCH" more...