CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING lease multiple server-sites in the United States at high-reliability data facilities. These data centers are state-of-the-art, secure environments for data processing and server hosting and include redundant power supplies, fire detection and suppression systems, high levels of physical security, and other environmental controls. The data centers are designed to protect your valuable information and minimize the risk of unauthorized access and service disruption by environmental issues, physical attacks and data security threats.

CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING may, from time-to-time, change the data hosting facilities and/or relocate servers in order to maintain or improve the standard of service it provides to you.


The services will generally be available for your use twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A regular maintenance window is reserved every night after business hours for system maintenance procedures. CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING employs automated monitoring tools to monitor the system for malfunctions and service interruptions. If an interruption is detected at any time, CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING’s 24×7 technician will be automatically paged and will attempt to rectify the problem as soon as possible.



Business Hours. Critical Time Period for which the System is to be available for access by you:

Uptime of 99.7% of the time (Minimum service, measured monthly)•
Monday–Friday: 9:00am–9:00pm Eastern Time
Saturday: 9:00am–4:00pm Eastern Time

Off-Business Hours. Off-Peak Hours for which the System is to be available for access by you:

Uptime of 96.0% of the time (Minimum service, measured monthly)
Monday–Thursday: 10:00 pm–7:00 am Eastern Time
Saturday 4:00 pm–Monday 7:00 am Eastern Time

Maintenance Window. The System is subject to the following regularly scheduled maintenance windows.

Sunday–Friday: 12:00pm–4:00am Pacific Time
Saturday: 12:00pm–4:00am Pacific Time


CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING performs a full database backup weekly for managed hosting clients and incremental database backups and automatically applies them to CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING’s backup system at a CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING center. CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING complete backups are also maintained in a secure location until they are needed for Disaster Recovery. The need for a complete restore must be requested immediately (before a corrupted version is backed-up over the good version), and there is an additional fee for complete restores.


CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING maintains timely backups and will perform restorations should your website be damaged. Restoration of service will be attempted to the best of our ability however, there is no guarantee that the restored data will completely resolve the issue.


CABIZHOST & IMARKHOSTING’s managed hosting offering provides malware scanning and WordPress security plugins that help us keep your site safe. While we feel these are the best protection, we can in no way say that your site is 100% protected. Security is a never-ending battle and we will make every effort to stay ahead of the risks. We make and imply no guarantee that your data is completely safe from being compromised. We will provide up to three hours of recovery support at no additional cost to managed hosting clients.